I am alergic to the mask material (silicon?) of most masks. I need a full face mask, at least for now because I haven’t quite got my nose breathing down.
– I tried the AirFit F30 – I liked the mask, but got a rash. I couldn’t find a supply store that sold liners so I followed instructions on making liners, and it sucked and didn’t fix the problem.
– I have tried the nasal pillows, I am trying to work into nose breathing by using saline spray and nasal strips, but am not breathing through my nose still so these are off the table
– I tried using the medium F20, I had great success! All of the sudden at the end of December it stopped working. I would get leaking into my eyes or on my chin. I tried a smaller size and it felt way to small.
– My supply store has told me that they don’t know what to do with the issues. They can usually get around the issues, but do to me being allergic to silicone I am limited.

I have mild sleep apnea, and after 4 weeks of being sleep deprived/going to the medical supply store every day to discuss has got me discouraged. I finally just stopped sleeping with it, but I’m afraid of the negative affects untreated sleep apnea has.

I tried to get an appointment with my provider but they are two months out. As of now I have a couple questions
1.) Do the oral appliances really work and are they comfortable?
2.) Also, if an oral appliance would work does that mean learning to sleep with my mouth closed and breathing through my nose would also treat it?
3.) Are there any negative side affects of tightening the straps on the CPAP mask? Can I cut of circulation or cause damage if I just strap the F20 as tight as I can?

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