I’ve been trying to find answers online but google keeps thinking I’m only having red marks where the mask meets my face.

I wear a face mask, and the entire area the mask covers turns my face an extremely bright red. I’ve also experienced extreme itchiness, and not just contact points for the mask.

Other problems with the mask include feeling far too tight… when it’s comfortable, it leaks. When it’s not leaking, it feels like I’m wearing a vice.

I like to have a beard but shaved to be able to get a fit. Any bearded folk find a face mask that fits for beards?

As a final query, I have my minimum and maximum set to 700ms and 2 seconds for my ipap but for some reason the machine cuts my inhalation short while I’m still breathing. I tried setting it to 1.4 seconds/ 2 seconds but still have the same problem. The opposite is true as well. I don’t feel I’m done with my exhale and it again starts the inhale pressure.

Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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