Hi guys, I have been tackling fatigue, low libido, hair loss, inattentive/adhd, anxiety, depression problem seperately, but coming across Sleep Apnea, I feel like this maybe it.

I am 22. Normal weight. I normally sleep from 10-12 hours, really hard for me to get out of bed if i dont take ritalin. I am not the most energetic guy (can be sometimes). Feel like I am aging faster than my peers, look older (wear makeup and im a dude XD), hairloss at around 17 (aggressive).

I have inattentive issues and feel like I have problem articulating (things dont come to me as quick as i like), for that I thought I have ADD and now take medication for it.

The attentive cognitive decline issue kinda puzzled me. I have been told that I use to solve rubiks cube puzzle when I was 4 (which i dont remember, which to be fair I dont remember my childhood much anyway, have aphantasia). And then when I was given a rubiks cube around 11 again, I couldnt solve it and gave up.

Now two things, either parents were blowing smoke up my ass (which I doubt, divorced parents, story stayed consistent, and their attitude was more of a disappointment on what I have become rather than an encouraging story) or I actually had a cognitive decline from 4.

I remember at around 7 I got a really congested nose, to the point where doctors suggested me getting an operation for my nose which my parent refused and so I was using nose spray for atleast few months, that shit felt horrible, and I dont really remember exactly how long the blocked nose thing lasted but I do remember not needing to use nasal spray when I was 10. I did tend to snore here and there (think I have deviated septum). But not much anymore.

I just randomly came across sleep apnea and I feels maybe theres something here for me.

However, I am not a snorer. I did a snore checking app test and only snore for a few minutes once or twice a night, so I am not much of a snorer now. I do feel like I dont breathe deep enough but dont really know at this point. I am not overweight. So dont know how likely i have it.

Dont get me wrong, I do wish all my life problems can be attributed to this which I can just fix it with a cpap machine, but dont know how reality plays out.

How likely do you guys think I have sleep apnea in my case. If symptoms match for it

I will try to get a referral for sleep test.

Thank you.

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