Besides being tired, brain fog etc. my sex drive plummeted many years ago I assume due to sleep apnea. I also have hypothyroidism which can affect sex drive and for years before being diagnosed with sleep apnea I blamed that for my sex drive issues.

I was struggling with cpap feeling no benefit and one night I kept it on the whole night and I woke up feeling incredible. Not only did I wake up with morning wood I felt completely energized. I felt like I was 20 years old again. Not to be graphic but when I came home from work I masturbated 3 times and easily achieved an erection and powerful orgasms. I couldn’t believe it. I felt incredible.

Anyway the next night was back to struggling with cpap for months and that’s when I decided to have MMA surgery. I thought I have to get my life back and wanted a permanent solution.

Even though my rdi dropped considerablely, 38 to 8, I’ve only noticed a bit of improvement to my sleep and no improvement to my sex drive.

Now I’m considering going on testosterone but I had resisted that for years as you have to stay on it and I felt it was a bandaid solution and not actually addressing the underlying problem.

That one night has me convinced it is due to sleep issues and not my thyroid or a need to take external testosterone, but I feel I am running out of options.

I wanted to know if any of you had or have sex drive issues and did treatment resolve it. If so, was it gradual? Did anyone see immediate improvement like I had that one night? Or have some of you gone the testosterone therapy route?

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