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How much heart damage can be reversed by a CPAP machine? – iDunmed

Throwaway account for personal reasons but I’m fairly certain my SO is in heart failure from their sleep apnea that has gone untreated for who knows how long. They constantly feel like they’re suffocating when falling asleep and we went to the hospital a few days ago and ruled out pretty much everything else. They now have chest pains and feel like their arms and body are numb during the day not just while they’re falling asleep, and they have a high heart rate. The doctor at the hospital says none of the symptoms they’re having are immediately dangerous but aren’t those all like major markers for heart failure? They’re only 20 so I’m worried the doctors aren’t taking this super seriously.

We’re scheduling a sleep study soon so they can get a machine for breathing but will that fix this? I’m so worried and I don’t know what to do. I’ve heard it can reverse some heart damage but how much?

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