My husband definitely has sleep apnea. I’m a light sleeper, and every single night I have to listen to him snoring / stop breathing / gasping for breath / choking. It’s awful and I feel so terrible for him. He never feels fully rested when he wakes up, and sometimes we have to sleep in separate rooms just so I can get a good night’s sleep to take care of our daughter.

We went to a sleep doctor two years ago, and he had a sleep study done, overnight at the hospital. They said there was some threshold for the # of episodes per hour in order to qualify for a CPAP, and he was one under the limit.

Instead, they gave him these mouth guards that lock his top and bottom teeth together. I’m no expert but I’m sure the people on this sub know what I’m talking about!

It does help with the snoring / breathing somewhat, I’d say maybe 35% improvement, but it gives him these terrible mouth sores where he can’t talk for a week so he sometimes takes them out while he’s sleeping.

Long story short, he finally has another sleep study tonight, and is there anything we can do to maximize his chances of getting an accurate reading? Like, how to improve the odds of the apnea manifesting? Because I don’t care what the results of that first test said, they don’t sleep next to him every night listening to him suffocate and choke.

The hospital where they did the first test is connected to his job, where *they have a marked interest in keeping the number of sleep apnea diagnoses and CPAP machines down*. There was a year long wait just for him to get approved for another test.

The test tonight is an unaffiliated clinic, so maybe that will make the difference.

Any tips? I just want the test to reflect what I see and hear.

Thank you!

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