I’ve been officially diagnosed with mild sleep apnea since August of 2020. I didn’t do anything about it at the time because I didn’t wanna believe that I, as a 19 year old at that time, could have sleep apnea. My dad has it too so I’m sure it’s genetic. But in the 8ish months since August my symptoms and side effects of the untreated apnea have gotten worse to worse to the point where I’m suffering every day from some affliction or another. I finally went in to see a sleep doctor at the end of march 2021 and she prescribed me a CPAP. However in the month since then it’s been a terrible waiting game with this ridiculous home care company the prescription is going through. They’ve taken so long to do everything and they’re shady at best, downright malpractice at the worst.

Anyways I finally got an appointment for the CPAP fitting in two weeks. I feel very confident that starting treatment for this will take away or reduce many of the health problems I’m dealing with. My poor health is honestly ruining my life, ruining my college experience, and preventing me from the being the person that I want to be. I’ve gotten very depressed lately because of it. These next 2 weeks until I can get my CPAP feel like torture waiting for no good reason to go get the machine. Just waiting because of the technicality of needing an appointment. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to feel better? Anything I can do to prepare for getting the machine? Prepare for the fitting appointment?

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