Idk if that’s what they’re called. I’ve been struggling with my cpap for a few years. AHI over 30 so I know I have to do something.

Full face masks don’t work well unless I make them super tight. I broke my nose a few times and I think one side of upper cheek must be sunken more than the other, because air tends to escape on that side.

When I wear my nasal mask with a chinstrap I get woken up by what feel like air bubbles coming up into my mouth. Is that a thing? Maybe it’s about my digestion, or complications from long term gerd? I suspect my eshophogeal sphincter doesn’t work well because when I do occasionally get gerd now it doesn’t hurt in the middle of my chest any more.

So, maybe I could use a different type of mask that covers both nose and mouth? So tired all the time, so frustrated with cpap

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