I’m in my 20s.. completely fit & do cardio 5 times a week.

Recently got blood work done & and everything came out fine. Told my doc I’ve been having sudden moments of waking up.. they did an EKG.. everything fine.

Pretty sure I’ll be doing a sleep apnea test next. I’ve already been sleeping on a wedge people when waking up suddenly happened regularly.. it still happens but a bit less frequently & I think it’s just a placebo effect for my mind. I do not have GERD either if you guys ask.

Even if I do have sleep apnea.. is it just because of my head position making my tongue obstruct air? Is that all I need to do?

And is that what CPAP machines do for people? Keep their airways completely open?

I wouldn’t mind just sleeping on my side.. but I have a nerve issue where I have to sleep in an arm brace for it to recover.. which is not possible sleeping on my side.

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