I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea – AHI 6.1 – via a home sleep study. My other symptoms include day time sleepiness, brain fog, and low mood. I also tend to sleep for 10+ hours and wake up feeling unrefreshed.

I started apap therapy two nights ago. I have the F&P vitera mask and airsense 10 for her machine.

Each night I have gotten a “score” of 95 or 100 on the app. My AHI last night was 1.2, the night before it was 0.6.

The mask was too tight the first night and caused a sore spot on the bridge of my nose. I can’t use the newer full face masks that don’t go over the bridge of the nose because my nose is too small to form a seal. I sleep with a night guard due to teeth grinding that won’t allow my lips to close around it completely, so I need a FFM.

Last night I tried loosening the top straps and wound up being woken up with some mild leaks around my mouth.

I am so tired. How long will it take to sleep through the night again?

Do y’all think I should ask for a different mask?

Are there any masks that don’t touch the bridge of the nose and are not the kind that seal under the nose?

I’m not sure this is worth it.

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