34M here, BMI right about 30. Obvious sleep apnea symptoms since late last summer, have been trying to work on it but some days it doesn’t seem like much progress. CPAP and I aren’t getting along very well, and my MAD only seems to help a little.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like my throat is closing off, since last fall. Now that I am paying more attention, I notice it kind of in the back of my mouth as well as my throat. Feels like something soft blocking things off. At first I wondered if I was having an anaphylactic reaction, panic attack, asthma, etc. etc. Don’t think it’s any of those, but I was diagnosed with GERD and possibly LPR (laryngo-pharyngeal reflux).

Finally it’s occurring to me, maybe it’s just plain FAT? I mean, I am ~15% over my ideal weight. Last week I saw a post from a doctor explaining exactly why COVID-19 is so bad for fat people, and it sure resonated with me.

Anyone know anything about this kind of sensation? Guess I’m off to buy a couple Costco bags of carrots now……

edit: generally I notice it when I’m relaxed

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