Hi, I am 16 years of age. I have for my entire life struggled with pretty bad sleep issues. But I finally went to a sleep study and I was diagnosed with moderate (or mild I cannot remember) obstructive sleep apnea a year and a half ago. I was prescribed a CPAP and I’ve been trying my best to use it since then. I cannot stand it. I shared a bed with my brother for a little while and he said whenever I was asleep I would just use my hand and take the cpap off in my sleep. I have tried tightening it, Wearing a hat on over it. Tying my very long hair around the cpap in a way to where it should stick to my head. Nothing. I’m so discouraged and I’m tired (haha literally) of going to bed and waking up over and over and feeling even more tired the next morning. I want to try something new. I was reading about Oral Appliance therapy, does anyone have any experience with that? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

TL/DR: I cannot stand cpap, does anyone have any experience with Oral Appliance Therapy?

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