I diagnosed with sleep apnea around 2 weeks ago and I got my cpap machine. Frankly this process has been infuriating. I am not too familiar with how to work the machine yet (I watched the videos and read the manual but it barely tells you anything useful) but here’s the problem- I can’t breathe when using the machine. I’m convinced the problem is the mask- see its not one of the traditional ones that covers your nose (or both nose and mouth) it goes BELOW the nose. Essentially its a tube with an opening and you stick your nose over the opening. The machine is able to detect a good fit of the mask and it says im wearing it right but I still can’t breathe. In fact I breathe better with it OFF than on. No it’s not like a panic attack sort of issue- its like having something in front of your nose and asking you to breathe. You can- just not as well right?

I’ve only had the machine for about two nights and I try every couple hours to fall asleep woth the mask on but I JUST CAN’T BREATHE. It feels like im not getting enough oxygen. A reason could be that I have a very petite nose, even though I am adult I am essentially the size of a 12-14 year old. This means that some air escapes from the mask no matter what I do- but the machine still says its a good fit so I’m not sure

Should I keep trying? Should I say screw it and buy another type mask? Am I an idiot and its the machine? I don’t know but I just can’t keep waiting for good sleep.

I’m sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense. I’ve been suffering for four years before we found out what was the issue was- and the exhaustion has built up. I’m desperate here. Any advice is appreciated.

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