I was diagnosed with mild OSA recently. I’min my early 20s and overweight, but I suspect I’ve had OSA since I was around 12 and average BMI. I’m waiting for a call to schedule my cpap fitting. I’ve requested the resmed auto for her.

My issue is that I can’t breathe through my nose when I lay down. It feels like congestion but I can never clear it out. This has been happening since I was a preteen. I have allergies and suspected MCAS so I always figured it was that.

I saw an ENT about it many years ago and I was told to use a nasal saline rinse before bed and start using Flonase in addition to my daily Zyrtec. She also suggested using a humidifier by my bed. This barely made a difference except when I had bad allergy flare ups.

I often have a stuffy nose from allergies anyways so I’m going to request a full face mask with my cpap.

But when I’ve asked other ppl with allergies none of them know what I’m talking about. So I started thinking it could be part of my OSA?

I’ve tried propping my head up at night but that hasn’t been overly helpful. It seems to be something positional though because as soon as I lay down it happens. It is often only in one nostril at a time, but switches from night to night. I usually have to breathe out of my mouth. But I can breathe fine through my mouth until I fall asleep and then the OSA kicks in.

I have never broken my nose and I had my vocal chords checked by an ENT a few years ago for other reasons and she also looked in my nose briefly and said everything looked good.

Does this happen to anyone else? Is it a sleep apnea thing?

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