I cried both happy and sad tears this morning after I woke up. This was my second night on on a CPAP. I was diagnosed with UARS with an rdi of 93 and an ahi of 3.7. the first night was difficult falling asleep and staying asleep with the mask and weird pressure feeling so I pulled it off in the middle of the night and almost lost hope. Last night I took a melatonin tablet and went to bed at around 12:30am. Thankfully I slept perfectly the whole night with the mask on. Today is Sunday so I don’t have an alarm set. Without the CPAP I would have woken up at 11am-2pm.

I woke up naturally at 8:30am.

I actually felt refreshed when I woke up. I didn’t have a headache. I was able to get out of bed immediately and not have to stay in bed for an hour before getting up. I lost my grogginess immediately when I washed my face when before my CPAP I wouldn’t feel “awake” until late evening. I drank coffee and actually felt it increase my energy rather than just increasing my heart rate. I immediately felt like cleaning up my apartment when before CPAP I would have to constantly hype myself to do minimal tasks. While cleaning in the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed I’m kinda glowing and I swear the dark spots and bags under my eyes that ive had my whole life are starting to go away.

I broke down right then and there and cried happily for a few minutes. I also cried some sad tears because I couldn’t believe I was living 20 years of my life with constant depression, brain fog, and exhaustion. I’ve never felt better. I’m so glad I got checked for sleep apnea and got my machine.

For anyone who think they may have sleep apnea or UARS and are undiagnosed, please please please go get checked. Your life may just drastically change.

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