This convo I was having here made me remember to post this. Myself, and a few others, were talking about how we got rid of sleep apnea from weight loss.

Corona screwed up my follow up test (can’t take one for months) but I’m no longer waking up from choking on myself. This morning I even slept on my back which I haven’t done in years (back sleeping REALLY triggered it I would be gasping to the point of being scared to go back asleep).

I was ready to commit to a CPAP and everything.

Stats for science; I fairly abruptly lost a lot of weight doing the Keto diet and intermittent fasting with some help from the MyFitness pal app. 20 lbs lost pretty much got rid of it but then I just kept losing. I had a 19” neck now it’s 17.4”. I’m a 5’11” male with a large neck. Went from 238 to , now, 199 but a sleep apnea test said I had only borderline apnea when I got down to 215 (side sleeping). Although I haven’t confirmed it’s gone with a test I’ve been sleeping like a baby for weeks. I don’t even need 8 hours I feel fully rested after 6.5-7

If anyone wants so resources or help feel free to ask. I was planning in typing up how I did it soon anyway.

Keto might be too big of a commitment for many people but if you’re overweight I strongly recommend intermittent fasting it’s so easy and so powerful. This is the video that inspired me. basically you have black coffee for breakfast.

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