I don’t have a diagnosis yet, but in the past 2 weeks my health has completely deteriorated. Before 10/27, I was healthy, active, happy. Fast forward two weeks and I literally feel like I’m dying. I’m healthy weight, always have been – 128 lbs, 5’4”, active, eat healthy, don’t smoke, but I do suffer from chronic sinusitis.

I went to the ER on 10/27 for chest pressure and racing heart and got an abnormal EKG back. They chalked the chest pressure up to asthma even though I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma before but 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ve been seeing a cardiologist now for 2 weeks, my echocardiogram came back fine, I have my stress echo tomorrow, but I’m having a racing heart on exertion, at rest during the day, at night, all of it.

I’ve never gotten the best sleep – frequent wakings, dry mouth, need to pee – but I just kind of chalked it up to being a light sleeper. But since that ER visit 2 weeks ago my health has completely deteriorated. I’ve had to take time off work bc I just can’t function during the day. I try to nap but as soon as I fall asleep I wake up to breathe. Once my body gets too exhausted to do that, I fall asleep for a longer period of time but then something (a dream usually) startles me awake and I feel my heart racing. I have chronic sinusitis, have had it since getting pregnant in 2017, but I’ve been told that my nasal airway passages are very small.

Anyway, I took this week off work bc I just can’t do anything. I can’t think, I can’t make myself breakfast without my heart going crazy. I’m waiting for approval from my insurance to do an at home sleep test but even then it might be another week. I legit feel like I’m dying. What do I do?

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