I have felt like there is something wrong with me for years. I’m always more tired than others, I’ve never been able to lose weight, it seems like I feel ill at least once a week. I’ve had people say I’m being a baby, nobody can feel that bad all the time. I’ve tried numerous anti depressants to try to improve my mood and motivation but nothing ever worked for me. Well last week I did a sleep study and found out I have severe apnea. My AHI was 74 and my average oxygen sat was 89 and my minimum was 51! My doctor says it’s no wonder I feel terrible all the time. I have a bipap arriving in 2 days and I’m so hopeful that this will help! Has anyone else had similar experiences where people don’t believe how you’re feeling because of apnea? I feel like it must be pretty common because it seems that doctors rarely order sleep studies. I wish it was looked at more.

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