I can fall asleep but I can’t stay asleep. It’s either leaky or leaves marks on my face or both. I’m on my 4th mask style and they all suck. The only way I’m meeting my compliance is by watching TV with the machine on at night. This morning I was 30 min short and just had to wait it out.

Nasal pillows don’t work for me because I pretty much always wake up feeling like I’m not getting enough air, but the full face never feels like it’s sitting right.

Do you just stop noticing the leaks or what? How long does it take to not fight with the mask constantly? I’m at almost 5 weeks now. I’ve had one night where I made it more than 4 hours without an Ambien or anything.

I get so depressed when I think about how bad my sleep is with CPAP, even more so when I remember how bad my sleep was before getting the machine. I’m convinced I’m never going to feel good again.

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