Let me know if you think this is crap theory or not.

I’m a daily papper. Don’t miss a day. I’ve been on Dreamstation APAP (pressure 5min, 15max) since Jan this year. Diagnosed with mild apnea at 5.3 and blood O2 @ 81%. I weigh 170lb and in ok shape for my middle age. Been doing slowly better since I started APAP, but lately have had more bad days with brain fog even with AHI of < 1.

I had gone to bed last night about 9:30pm and I awoke about 1:00 am with one of those body reflexes taking a huge breath of air. Couldn’t go back to sleep rest of night after that. I was thinking it was an obstructive or central event and noted the time on my alarm clock in my head so I could check Oscar in the morning. Kept my mask on the whole night while i tried to sleep. But I didn’t really sleep, Just was basically lying there thinking about my breathing and trying to relax. What I noticed is that everything is swollen and I can’t get any air into my lungs. I’ve noticed this at least somewhat way back at the beginning and had mentioned it among other things to my sleep doc. Told her I seem to have one plugged up nostril at any given moment while i sleep. She said, “yep, not much you can do cause it’s the body’s nasal cycle. Try that OTC spray and keep wearing the mask”.

Ok so I have seasonal allergies to tons of things. Right now it’s been peak allergy season here. But I have a permanent red irritation under my nose cause it’s like a dog’s nose and always wet all year long and slightly stuffy. Also one thing the doc mentioned to me is i also have a smaller than normal trachea up at the top. I don’t have carpets and have hypoallergenic pillows, etc because of the dust mite allergy. Have even done 2 yrs of immunotherapy shots.

But back to this last night. While I was bed realizing I was having a time getting air in. I took off my mask and it was twice as bad. Put my mask back on and felt that it was definitely helping force the air down. But still seemed not so great. Even with the APAP I was really struggling to have enough space in my nose to get it down. Throughout the night it changed constantly. I would toss and turn. It would ease a little or sometimes get worse. But I found that both nostrils can get plugged. When things eased up it was only short lived. I tried just breathing through my mouth. I must have a small mouth too since that was heavily restricted. I tried adding another pillow and a slight incline and didn’t see a change with that.

When i checked my AHI in the morning it was 0. I thought for sure that 1:00 am event was obstructive or central. Then it really hit me that I just can’t breath enough air while i sleep. At 1:00 I awoke probably because both nostrils are blocked. That’s my main problem. The machine is helping but i don’t think I’m getting the air i need at night especially right now with everything so swollen at night when I’m laying in bed. I’m betting if I had a finger blood O2 it would say it’s low. Am I crazy thinking this?

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