So I’m already diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder because I started having constant palpitations and unexplained tachycardia. I’ve had a full cardiac workup and battery of exams and none of them found anything wrong with my heart except for the episodes of sinus tachycardia.

The reason why I started getting scared about Sleep Apnea is because in the past two months, there were two episodes where I woke up at night with some of my limbs feeling very numb, followed by a very intense adrenaline rush in which sent my heart rate into the 150’s and 160’s. It was pounding. I thought I was having a heart attack. I just chalked it up as a nighttime panic attack, but after reading about sleep apnea, I’m scared it might have been caused by an apnea episode.

Also, when I nap in the afternoon I tend to wake up suddenly with small adrenaline surges. Not nearly as dramatic as the episode I described earlier, but I do notice that my afternoon naps make me wake feel more crap than before the nap, sometimes feeling a headache and kinda sick. This almost never happens at night btw. I mostly wake up in the morning feeling as if I slept relatively well, but I know from my research that this could be false, as a lot of people wake up from apnea episodes and don’t even realize it.

Then I got to thinking that in some nights I have several dreams in a single night, not only one dream. Could this be from repetively waking up and going back to sleep from apnea episodes and not realizing it?

And finally, another reason why I got scared I might have Sleep Apnea is that when I was having my cardiac workup, I had a 24h Holter Monitor exam done. The results didn’t reveal any malignant arrythmias or anything, but something bugged me: in the hours when I was sleeping the device picked up that my max heart rate got into the 100’s at times. With the lowest being in the 40’s and 50’s and mean heart rate in the 50’s while sleeping. So my question is: why the random 100bpm spikes sleeping? At a time where your body is supposed to be completely at rest. I even questioned this to my cardiologist, but she didn’t seem concerned at all. She said those spikes could just be from dreams and changing positions during sleep. However, I remain skeptical.

Some basic info about me: I’m 27 years old, male, No chronic diseases, don’t smoke, and I’m not obese. I also don’t snore. I don’t have the basic risk factors for sleep apnea. I also don’t really feel sleepy during the day except after lunch if it’s a heavy meal. but I’m still worried.

I read that Sleep Apnea could even cause sudden death and I’m just terrified now, as my heart fears are a BIG part of my overall anxiety due to my constant tachycardia and high resting heart rate during the day. I keep worrying that this is all placing too much stress on my heart and I could drop Dead at any moment. I can’t even get formally tested anytime soon because of the covid crisis. Guess I’m just here venting because I’m really scared about all this and because I read that this is a very serious life threatning disease if I do have it. It’s gotten to the point that I literally dread the nighttime and I’m scared of going to sleep.

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