I (23m) was diagnosed with severe Central Sleep Apnea in early December. Live in the UK.

I was told that I would receive bi-PAP or ASV in the coming weeks, just after Christmas at the latest. Then I found out my doc at the Cardio Respiratory forwarded a letter to a Neurologist at the other hospital and wanted to wait for his response before commencing therapy. Well, weeks go by and I call the neurologist office at this other hospital. I then find out that the neurologist forwarded the letter to ANOTHER cardio respiratory department at ANOTHER hospital. So it had been forwarded AGAIN.

I called the cardio respirotarist that it had been forwarded to and was told that he wants ANOTHER sleep study, despite the fact that the first cardio respitorist at the first hospital had already agreed to give me a trial of machine therapy.

So I called the secretary of the first hospital and informed them that the neurologist had forwarded the letter completely. They were unaware of this. I told them to get the doc to call me. So the doc who had commissioned my first sleep study and told me he would give me a trial machine rang me and I informed him of everything and that I really really don’t want to wait weeks or months for another sleep study and that I wanted to start therapy asap. He understood and agreed.

To.make matters worse tho, this whole time my Dad had been belittling my sleep issues as “just a psychological problem”. Whe I got my results I thought he now accepted them, but then I found out when I asked him that he still thinks my Central Apneas are just a psychological problem. In fact, he doesn’t even believe I have apnea at all. Fuck sake.

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