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I just the results from my initial sleep study and my followup CPAP titration. The doctor didn’t bother to explain what any of these numbers mean so I was hoping somebody here could explain it to me. Thank you! – iDunmed

Initial study- Obstructive apneas: 197 Central apneas: 0 Mixed apneas: 0 Hypopneas: 27 Total AHI: 105.8 events per hour Oximetry Mean O2 saturation: 90% SpO2 Nadir: 58% <88% for 43.9 mins ………… CPAP titration – Obstructive apneas: 28 Central apneas: 50 Mixed apneas: 2 Hypopneas: 68 Total AHI: 21.2 events per hour Oximetry Mean O2 saturation: 94% SpO2 Nadir: 80% <88% for 5.2 mins

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