I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep and I woke up because I can’t really breathe at the moment.

I have been diagnosed with obstructed apnea and I have a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). This time it’s slightly different. I woke up because I think my throat is lined with mucus and this is not the first time I’ve had this issue (it happened before I got my MAD). I also sleep with my mouth closed and this device makes it even harder to open my mouth so that’s not the issue.

I wake up extremely dry every morning and whenever I tell medical professionals about this, they just tell me to use a humidifier etc. Well here’s the thing, last night I accidentally put the humidifier on too much and when I woke up, my room was a bit steamy and the floor was wet, yet my mouth and eyes were so dry. My environment was humid enough. Drinking only pushes down the mucus and it gets worse. Coughing up mucus helps temporarily but I can’t get it all out and when I swallow it eventually happens again. When I went to the doctor about this 6 months ago he used some kind of tube to suck up the mucus and I felt great.

I’ve been checked for diabetes and I’ve had various blood readings taken to monitor my organs and there’s no big problem. I’ve also been told that I do have a slight deviated septum, but not enough to warrant surgery (yet I do have all the symptoms). I can’t tell why I’m so dry after waking up. During the last few hours of my sleep I pretty much always need to pee but I just hold it.

So actually the doctor gave me a (Nasonex) nasal spray and an inhaler because he thought that my sinus issues had created asthma. My recent doctor (a different one) who has been going through all of my recent problems and checked my blood tests etc told me I shouldn’t be on that kind of nasal spray daily and asked me to wean myself off that and the inhaler so she can also test my lung capacity. Due to me being in one of the most heavily infected Coronavirus areas in the world (including patients near both my workplace and house – I don’t want to potentially be among the dead because of ‘underlying issues’.) and I decided to stop going back to that doctor for now and also to continue taking the nasal spray/inhaler because I don’t want additional breathing issues. They haven’t really stopped this from happening now. As I said, I don’t have postnasal drip, at least when awake, which the nasal spray gets rid of.

I’ve had two allergy tests confirming an allergy to pollen/some grass and to dust mites, but it’s too early in the year for that right now. I can usually feel when that’s happening because of my itchy eyes and postnasal drip etc. I have no postnasal drip at this moment, but that will become a problem later. The answer seems to come down to my constant dryness and nobody can tell me anything more than what I am currently doing.

Here’s where I’m unsure on the science of things, because as far as I know, we breathe through our windpipes and my mucus buildup feels like it’s in my esophagus. When I swallow, I feel a difference, but how can that be if it’s in my windpipe? If the mucus is in my esophagus, why should that affect breathing? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

Please help. This dryness has been plaguing me for years.

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