I havent used an Uber since last year, but today I had to and instead of risk getting corona and take public transit, I took an Uber to and from my location. It was an hour drive. I was kinda tired after it wasnt even a long day, but when I got in the Uber, I started passing out, snoring, waking up, passing out + snoring, waking up, all around 10 times. This has happened before, when I use to work 30 mins away, I would pass out in the Uber within 10 mins. This was before corona so I would use the affordable Uber share. One time I snored so loud the driver and passenger laughed. Anyway, when I got home I took a long nap. This is crazy, I didnt even have a long hard day.

I dont know what to blame. How can my body act like a damn 50-60 yr old when I’m only 29? I hate that. I’m a late sleeper but still, this is embarrassing.

I dont know what to blame, my late night sleeping, or possible sleep apnea. I want to get it checked out but dont have money to through 1000s of dollars into a sleep test. I’m on unemployment right now and probably wont go back till maybe next Summer. I work at schools and dont want to risk corona.

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