My boyfriend was diagnosed with severe apnea (91 episodes an hour) in January and things have gotten progressively harder since then. He doesn’t love his mask, but makes a genuine effort to wear it every night. The issue is that for the past couple months he’s had terrible issues with staying awake. He’ll fall asleep at work, if he relaxes when he gets home, when we’re trying to watch a movie, etc. I can’t even wake him up when this happens. So because of this, he’s not wearing his mask for the maximum amount of time or sometimes at all which only makes him more tired. On nights he doesn’t wear it at all, I hardly get any sleep. It’s causing a strain on our relationship. I love him so much but it can be hard having him constantly fall asleep. He also gets mad at me for trying to wake him and doesn’t remember it in the morning. Does anyone have any possible advice on what to do? He’s seen a few doctors, none of any help. We don’t really want to sleep separately. His parents have the same issue and do, but he hates the idea of it. Would setting a strict bedtime be helpful? I’d love to hear any similar stories. Thank you.

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