Of course your mileage may vary, talk to a Dr. etc.

I originally posted my success story in this sub, here. but some suggested it was premature because I hadn’t been officially follow up tested.

I just got the results from a three day at-home test. This one was MUCH better than the first one I took btw. This one straps to your head and the canula thing doesn’t go across your cheeks so you can actually sleep comfortably on your side. No strap on chest or wire running down to finger thing.

So I passed with flying colors. I averaged 1 stop breathing event per hour (good), sleep efficiency 90%, (average),21% REM sleep (20% is average). That’s what the Dr. said to me verbally I’m not sure what all the acronyms mean on the print out.

Now I’m down about 45 lbs. when I down 25 lbs I had a test done and I was getting over 5 stop breathing events per hour. When I was full blown obese I literally didn’t sleep and was constantly waking up gasping for air, felt like complete garbage 24/7, girlfriend complaining ab me snoring etc etc.

I described my daily routine in this comment.

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