I’m a light sleeper anyway. Getting to sleep is often challenging.

After a couple years of trying, I gave up on the CPAP for about 6 months. Now my doctor kicked my butt and pretty much told me, “Figure it out or you’ll die early.” Great.

With 4 daughters, I’ve got to figure this out.

Every night I put on a breathe right strip. 2 shots of Flonase in each nostril. I strap on my Amara View and do my best to get to sleep.

Inevitably, I wake up annoyed and pitch the thing on the floor. Sometimes I’m aware of what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m mostly out of it.

Not logging hours is killing me.

The seal isn’t the problem. My mouth is not dry. I just have a hard time staying asleep with it.

How do I get consistent hours?

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