I started having trouble sleeping recently, and I think I have sleep apnea because as I fall asleep I get jolted awake with a sudden large inhale of air. I also noticed snoring sounds from my throat that I hadn’t had before. I went to a sleep clinic and took a take home test, and got a AHI of 3.6. I went to another sleep clinic to another test, and got a AHI of 5.04. Doctors said the numbers aren’t quite high enough for OSA.

However, the symptoms are still keeping me awake at night, so I am suffering from insomnia. Currently, I am taking melatonin to help me sleep, and it helps. However, I don’t think this a long-term solution. I wanted to try CPAP therapy, but my insurance won’t cover it unless I get a AHI of 15 or higher.

Currently, I don’t know what to do, and I don’t even know whether I actually have sleep apnea or some other issue, and hoping for some advice.

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