I needed a prescription for a machine to keep in case my machine breaks while im traveling (not doing that these days but ill be vaccinated soon perhaps soon). So I see someone who works in the same practice as my first sleep doctor i had, so even though Im new to him, he has my records and sleep study.

I talk to him about not being able to keep my mask on at night. I tell him, I’ve looked at leaks or apmeas to explain my removal and i think it might be acid reflux as to why im taking it off and he tells me

  1. just to lose weight because if i lose enough, i won’t need my CPAP anymore (not those exact words but close)

  2. Also as long as i was wearing the mask most of the time for over 4 hours it would be fine.

  3. that even though some of my apneas lasted close to 2 minutes because i don’t have alot of them he considers it to be a pretty mild case.

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