Wanted to share my story in case anyone out there is in a similar boat.

25M, obese, large neck. No snoring, but I would wake up 3-4x a night & a few instances of waking up gasping for air.

Early January I finally go to the doctor for symptoms of extreme fatigue, extreme brain fog (literally thought I was developing dementia – scary), and increased social anxiety. Honestly not sure of exact length of symptoms, but at least a year. Found out I had high BP and was referred for a sleep study during my visit. Sleep study came back with 6 AHI and prescribed a CPAP. Upon some research, I found I had borderline SA, but I bit the bullet and bought a CPAP anyways. It’s been 33 days of consistent CPAP use, I’ve been on BP meds & strict keto diet. I started keto to lose weight & treat any possible underlying issue that could be causing fatigue – Fatty liver, thyroid disease and to lower my BP. I’ve also started doing cardio 4-5x per week and I’ve lost 25lbs, but the greatest victory of all, I’ve been alert, no brain fog & anxiety has nearly subsided.

The reason I describe my routine for the past month is to give those who are as desperate as I was some hope and options. Unfortunately, I have no way to 100% contribute my success to CPAP therapy, but I can’t say it wasn’t 100% the remedy either. Nevertheless, I want to thank everyone on this subreddit for all the great information. It’s the main reason I requested a sleep study from my doctor in the first place. I will continue the keto diet and exercise until I’m a healthy weight & most likely indefinitely.

Finally, I’ve found through my CPAP machines daily reports that I am averaging 0.5-2.5 AHI per night. Vast majority of these are Hypopneas. Some nights are worse that others. I don’t know exactly what causes these fluctuations, possibly sleep position & sleep hygiene, but it’s my theory that I probably had similar fluctuations without the CPAP. On nights that I have 2.5 AHI, without the CPAP maybe I had a higher AHI too. So just because your AHI during a single study may be low, it’s only one data point so in my opinion (just a guess), a CPAP may still provide some relief.

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