My dad is at the biggest he has ever been at the moment. He has a big stomach and a big neck which I was told our indicators of a possibility of sleep apnea. For the past couple of months, he has had loud outbursts in his sleep where his arm slams against the wall he sleeps next to. I am wondering if he is doing this so his body will reposition you open his airways. I vaguely heard him uttering “Help” last night in a soft voice and I ran to wake him up. But I can not definitively confirm I heard him say specifically that, but that’s what I remembered. He was also sleeping on his back.

I am not sure if it is bad nightmares, but if it is sleep apnea what are ways I can help him. I heard of some mouth piece devices.

Does anyone live with anyone with sleep apnea who can give advice on what to listen out for the next coming nights? When should I wake him up? If there is anything I should look out for specifically? I’m open to any relevant help. Thank you so much!

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