Recently ive been talking a bit to my doctor because I have breathing issues during the day (or anytime really – at random), which sounds super scary but she told me it was nothing more than general anxiety. I apparently have all the typical symptoms for that.

During this stressy period of trying to figure out whats wrong with me I’ve had an MRI of my sinuses and an X-ray of my lungs. My lungs are perfectly healthy and all good! However I keep waking up during the night gasping for air whenever im falling asleep. Multiple times in a row even ( although I always wake up). I had the sinus-MRI because I feel like my nose is constantly blocked and its definitely whistling at all times. Doctor says theres no blockage in my nose – But I still wake up if my mouth is closed when I fall asleep.

I’m definitely feeling that there might be something wrong with my nose causing there to be an actual breathing problem – However my doctor hasn’t even brought this up. Are nasal-breathing issues typically a sign of sleep apnea? I’m trying to figure this out as I feel (realistically) that my doctor might have my anxiety symptoms mixed up with something thats actually wrong.

Edit: “Talk to your doctor about this?”, current coronasituation is causing wait-times here to be unbearable. Its like a three week wait just to even have a phone call.

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