I just blew the last quarter. And it really was almost entirely due to the negative effects of sleep apnea.

I tried the mouth guards. My bet is that they work…but they work by painfully pushing your jaw forward. And they have a high chance of falling out at night. Oh. And if they fall BACK they make you choke further. I tried various versions of them for a few weeks. And all of them failed. I uh…even wonder what percentage of good reviews on those things are bots. Since how do you get your jaw very painfully moved forward to open up the airway and even fall and stay asleep. Aye aye aye.

The apnea was compounded by enlarged turbinates. That meant that if I closed my mouth during the night, I was getting a really really subpar amount of oxygen in. The nose strips HELPED. But they dont fix the underlying problem. I set up a turbinate reduction surgery…but after reading about Empty Nose Syndrome and how there is nearly a 10% chance of getting such a life ruining effect…I backed out of it. Breathing out of the mouth during the day simply isnt that big of a deal. Its not sexy….but im not hired to be a film star, so…

I attempted to lose weight…but the same cycle which hits everyone also hit me. You dont get enough air in at night. You take a nap or even two during the day. And you dont have enough energy to work out and diet consistently(since dieting requires, ultimately, a high enough MOOD to eat such subpar food consistently)

I finally got the CPAP two weeks ago, and the results are obvious and huge. I was pretty worried about getting it, knowing that there is only a 50% compliance rate. But that turned out to be a non issue. So I basically wasted a bunch of time, energy, and money on useless solutions. But then again. The heuristic IS going to the less invasive procedures first, which is what I did. Oh well, oh well.

I am probably going to go upgrade it and get the BIPAP and eek out some good sleep percentage points. I do suspect that the constant CPAP pressure makes it so you never breathe out fully, and that combating that will further contribute to critical good sleep.

Thank you for reading.

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