I’m getting my cpap soon, my mom already ordered it and I really really don’t want it. I feel like I’m too young for this stuff.. I think I’ve had it my whole life but finally got diagnosed 5 months ago. I’m so embarrassed.. I’m gonna have to find a new position to sleep, I love sleeping on my stomach or side but when I had my sleep study I could only sleep on my back. To be fair that was the wires fault aswell but what if when I sleep on my side it slips off? Or it’s too uncomfortable???? It’s so embarrassing too.. if I go to overnight trips I’d have to bring the machine.. what if when I get a future boyfriend or girlfriend and we sleep together they’d judge me for it.. and if I don’t use it I’d be snoring all night. Because I already know I’m a cuddler and won’t that get in the way? My parents told me when they got their cpaps they’d always cuddle when they were sleeping and now when they sleep they only sleep on their backs. God, I don’t want this…

(Also why is this post flaired with nsfw-)

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