I’ve had brain fog and memory problems on the decline for years. And I’ve also never been able to really get up in the morning. It’s a struggle to get out of bed. Always has been. I also don’t feel “awake” until around 1-3 in the afternoon after waking at 8-9 in the morning. I thought I was just lazy, or a night owl, but I’ve tried everything. I got sun in the morning, exercised especially during this lock down, took a myriad of supplements, and nothing helped.

I took a blood panel a couple weeks ago and everything was fine. I’m not overweight by any means.

I’m fairly certain that I also have a deviated septum. When I plug my right nostril it take almost triple the time to inhale with the same amount of force as it would with the right.

What steps should I take now? Can I really afford a sleep study? Should I just buy a used CPAP? Please help guide me a little.

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