Hey everyone ! Here’s my story, and I hope it can help people in their struggle .

So basically, 2021 marked the year where i’d tackle my problems head-on, since I was going in my first year of web dev training. That would include weight issues, money issues and sleeping issues. I’ve decided to tackle the sleeping issue first, since I’ve had these for 5years + now, and I was at my all time worse : I’d sleep daytime too, and be very distracted during training and sometimes having trouble focusing on basic tasks. Nights were a succession of getting awake feeling like I was drowning, insomnia, having 2 hours holes where I couldn’t sleep, massive headhaces, the usual stuff.

After the usual procedure (which, in my country is meeting the doc after a 2 month delay because of high demands, Sleep recording arround 3 weeks later and results 3 weeks later) I had the results last week. And Boy oh Boy, that was something.
According to the recordings, I had severe sleep apnea syndrome (no breath for 10 sec every 2 minutes in deep sleep, in average). Doc said I’d need the machine, and I’m getting it this Monday.

It might seem weird, but I just can’t wait. I can’t wait stop feeling miserable. I can’t wait to have the energy to go out of bed and not being tired 2 hours in my day. Can’t wait doing sport again, hanging out with friend without being the tired mess I was.

I wish you folks a fantastic day, and please, forgive my horrible english

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