26 male here with suspected sleep apnea.

Ive posted and commented here and there but i figured no better place to ask people what they feel like here

Also excuse the possibly bad wording. Its 5am and im exhausted from… this shit.

My biggest symptom is sleep onset apnea. I know its a tiny bit common but its getting to the point to where my left shoulder hurts. As if i inhaled too deely or something. I dont know really.

My questions are for curiosity sake and education sake

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

How long did you feel like you had apnea before diagnosis?

Do you remember your worst night of episodes? If so what were they like?

Did you ever have hypnagogia (hallucinations) during some bad nights?

Were you ever afraid or hesitant to sleep? Say… struggled from 11pm to near sunrise and say “stuff this” and you essentially pull and all nighter?

Thats all. Im gonna try to sleep again. Ive maybe had 8 episodes of inhaling because i forgot to breathe or something. Luckily i got nothing to do tomorrow so ill get some sleep if im lucky lol.

Thank you for answering if you did. Its much appreciated.

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