I’m not talking about getting wasted, but I’m also not talking a glass of wine. Now I must preface, I’m a big guy, and it takes a decent amount for me to be legitimately intoxicated. But if a few drinks, maybe smoke some a little weed. I have no issues falling asleep (normally it’s a struggle) and I sleep more sound. I know it sounds insane because all my life ice heard how both of those substances lessen sleep quality. Without them though, I wake up constantly thru out the night, sleep very lightly, and am about twice as tired as I would be without it. I’ve experimented going with or without many times now and the results seem very consistent. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea some 6 months and am hopeless. I haven’t been able to get this treated in any way because I have moved countries since my diagnosis and because of covid restrictions. I am so tired in my day to day that’s it’s making me miserable and I must rely on ungodly amounts of caffeine to get thru my daily tasks. Which in turn makes me feel all spun out and burned out and anxious. Just something I wanted to share in the group and get some feedback on. Thank you all!

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