Seriously friends, I’ve been dealing with heart arrhythmias for over a year now. Had all the work ups done and docs told me to quit smoking, which I did. They told me to work on stress, which I did. Working on those two things in fact reduced my PVCS and PACS but did not make them go away. I still dealt with an extremely irregular heartbeat.

So eight days ago I whipped out my CPAP that was prescribed to me in 2012, I never used it.

I’ve been using it now for eight straight days and by day 3 all my arrhythmias went away completely after a large increase in them for the first two-three days. That’s right friends, no more irregular heart beat! This is the first time in over a year and a half my heart has been steady. I’ve even checked it on preventicus app as well and not a single ectopic beat was recorded.

I love my cpap. I regret never using it. But now I’m sold. I’m going to start a YouTube channel about my experience and progress going forward to help others. I never knew not getting good sleep could be so detrimental on your daily health. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be given the opportunity to use cpap, many people out there suffer from this horrible disease with no help. Which deeply saddens me.

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