I wanted to do a short report on the septoplasty I had three months ago.

I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea two years ago. For many years I had a large desire to sleep, which I often attributed to depression before researching sleep itself. I had a study performed to confirm it and got a CPAP, but had trouble adjusting to it. I have a box full of various masks that I tried but it was hard to find one that fit my face.

After looking into other options, I did more research on deviated septum, and found out that this has impacted other areas of my life. I had always been a mouth breather, and often had issues with post-nasal drip. I decided to inquire about the procedure on the basis that even if it didn’t resolve my sleep issues, it would benefit me elsewhere.

I found a nearby doctor that’s licensed in both ENT and sleep disorders. He confirmed that there was some deviation in there, and due to my young age (low 30s) and low weight (~170) there weren’t many other likely causes for sleep issues. He brought up tonsillectomy and UPPP, but we agreed not to do it at that time, and leave it as a possibility for the future. He did add on a turbinate reduction.

The procedure itself was simple outside of a small scheduling delay, and I seemed to have gotten lucky with recovery. I was never in any severe pain, and the bleeding stopped after about 12 hours. I set up a small nook in a different part of my house with blackout curtains and a papasan for me to live in for a few days. I also rediscovered a love for apple sauce.

The procedure was on Wed with the stent-removal follow-up the following Monday, so I took those four days off work. I honestly felt like I could have done telework no problem on Friday but I needed to burn the leave anyway. That Monday after the follow-up I felt so good that we went for a trip through a local outdoor museum immediately after.

Three months later I can honestly say it was life changing. Before hand, I would regularly need to take ~2 hour naps after work, followed by 10+ hours of actual night sleep. Now I’m out doing yard work after work and sleeping a regular 8 hours — without using a CPAP.

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