Has anyone else has had this procedure? If so, have you been pleased with the results?

Background: 33 year old male, lean, life-long athlete. About 5 years ago I began experiencing anxiety and depression. Most notable symptoms would be anxiety upon waking up and generally feeling like shit upon waking. Stomach was tight, mind-racing. Neck muscles tensed. Throughout the day sensitivity to light, *any* amt. of caffeine, *any* amt. of alcohol…even eating seemed to put my body into a state of stress. I felt tired, anxious, and stressed all at the same time, most of the day. Obviously the accompanying emotions sucked and compromised my quality of life in every way.

I began talk therapy 2 years ago, which has helped a bit. I also resisted for a long time but 1 year ago began taking Lexapro 10mg. Lexapro has helped a lot with the various sensitivities and constant anxiety…but I still wake up feeling exhausted, a bit jittery, and with mind racing. I turned my attention back to my sleep.

I have always been told that I snore. Not so much on the inhale, but rather the air building up in my mouth until it forces my lips open and ‘pooof’ whooshes out my mouth. I sense that maybe my soft palate is causing issues. I do have an overbite, and normal – above-avg.-size tonsils. (for now). This article that I found seems to expand on what I sense my issue is. I ended up Zoom calling w/ Dr. Park who told me my small mouth and orthodontic work probably are leading to me needing a palate surgery.

Other Diagnostic Steps I have Taken:

  • I had a home sleep study done – showed mild apnea.
  • I tried a cPap and couldn’t fall asleep with it on. (if my problem is that air can’t escape through my nose during deep sleep, cPap can’t work, right?)
  • Still use nose strips, flonase, and sometimes afrin.. they help a tiny bit?
  • I tried taking xanax, cbd, thc before bed (bc hey maybe it’s just that my brain won’t ‘turn off’, right?). Still no waking up feeling rested.
  • I should note – I fall asleep instantly like I’m dead. Wake up to pee, but I am OUT, and out fast.

I had a meeting yesterday with the sleep doctor and we are tentatively game-planning on doing the expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty along with turbinate reduction.

I do have a ‘DISE’ test scheduled before I go under the knife, which will help me with peace of mind… but I guess I am just getting cold feet. What if I just have an anxious mind that prevents me from sleeping well? I don’t want to get a painful surgery if nothing is going to change how I feel when I wake up… I feel like I am on the right path, but it’s so easy to second-guess this stuff, as I’m sure anyone reading this can relate to.

I will continue to update this post as I get DISE results, and likely have the operation done.



*Working with the actual guy who is the author of this site..so far impressed by him. ^^

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