I had my first sleep study done a while ago. I only slept (very lightly) for a little while and didn’t enter REM sleep at all, and I think my prescription wasn’t right considering the limited data since I experienced no change while using the machine. Still groggy and listless during the day, keep waking up at night, etc. It helps a tiny bit, but it just doesn’t do enough.

I’m going in for another sleep study with a different sleep center Monday (I’m not sure my last sleep doctor is competent, especially since he said nothing was wrong with my airway and the new guy pointed out like three things wrong with it when I had my exam with him) but I’m worried I’ll get my prescription adjusted and again, nothing will happen at all.

I want to wake up the first night I use it with clarity and energy like everyone else seems to. 🙁 Maybe there are surgical options for me if this doesn’t work out, but my last doctor said I had a lot of central apneas, so I could only fix my obstruction issues.

Can’t manage my life feeling like this all of the time. I’ve lost jobs and failed classes because I’m sleeping all the time, can’t concentrate or pay attention or motivate myself to do anything or wake up in the morning. I have my mental illnesses sorted out (I’m on a shitload of pills for bipolar I, but they work, thank God, so at least I know it’s not depression) but until my sleep improves I’m going to be exactly where I started. I’m a third of the way towards suicide, I swear.

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