So I am about 6 days into my CPAP therapy. I have a Philips Dreamstation(basic model, non-auto) with humidifier and heated tubing. The pressure is set to 9 with a ramp feature starting at 4. I am using the ResMed N30i mask because I liked how unintrusive it is. I have honestly hated wearing this thing, but I can’t tell if it is because I am just not taking to the therapy well or if it is because I bought a nasal mask only. It just feels very uncomfortable to breathe like I am not getting enough oxygen or just not breathing properly. Best way to describe it is when swimming and your head is in the water and you pop up for a quick short breath but don’t quite feel like you are getting enough air. I did notice that for the first time ever the other night I was opening my mouth to try and compensate for that lack of breathing properly feeling and I am not typically a mouth breather. I have requested to try the ResMed F30i because I have read that a full facemask might be better but I don’t know. I want to stick with the therapy because I know in the long run it will help but it is completely uncomfortable and causing me to not sleep as well.

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