Having my first in-lab study tonight. Did a home study back in April that showed an AHI in the 30s and severe deoxygenation (down into the 50s, athough I and my doctor think it was a glitch or I was sleeping on my arm because it says that my SPO2 was below 85 for less than a minute, so it would be very weird to have it go so low so fast). Originally was supposed to have an in-lab study back in May, but ended up getting sick, and then moved to a new state where there was a long wait, so it’s been delayed a lot.

Doctor gave me an ambien just in case I can’t sleep, but I’m gonna try to go without it (and am super tired right now since I intentionally got only 5 hours of sleep last night so I could fall asleep tonight, so I don’t think I’ll need it). Any tips for falling asleep with all the wires appreciated! Wish me luck!

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