Hi so long story short I’ve been on CPAP for like 5 years now and I’ve been able to see my AHI for like the past year ish. I’ve been having issues where my AHI sometimes jumps pretty high randomly and I’ve been trying to make adjustments but things eventually go back to the same or worse. My AHI was in the past around 5 or below, but lately it’s been like 7,8 and even 10 +. I do admit that I have a poor sleeping schedule but I’m not sure how much that can affect it. I’ve seen comments to upload to Oscar but I have a newer model that connects to an app (dream station) and No USB. I’ve talked to my therapist and talked about the possibility of central apnea, so he changed my thing to constant pressure and it made it better a little bit then later it went bad again. Recently I’ve been having a lot of obstructive apnea’s and idk it’s just weird. My pressure used to be 5 and over the course of a few months it’s been increased all the way to 11 and there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference in my treatment results, but rather worse. My therapist is really nice but I feel like I should talk to someone else… also if this matters I’m skinny and 23 years old

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