Hey folks,

I recently took the Lofta at home sleep study and received my results back today. The results suggest I would benefit a CPAP device, specifically the Lofta doctor recommended a BiPAP because my results were fairly bad I think.

I spoke to the Lofta sleep specialist person who explained the whole process but it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way, felt really salesy, so I didn’t pull the trigger immediately.

I checked in with my insurance, my provider does have compliance requirements and they only deal with Apria (which I have read is not ideal in a lot of cases). Besides these negatives, it sounds like I would save about $500 going with insurance.

So a few questions:

  1. Has anybody found Lofta to be sales-oriented to the extent that they recommend the wrong product?
  2. How bad is Apria? I would like to pay $500 less, but if that is at the expense of dealing with awful support and potentially bothersome compliance, I would probably rather just pay more.
  3. Did you / would you go for out of pocket or insurance?

I think, ultimately I care more about the hassle and overall experience than I do the money involved.

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