I can’t wait to get a CPAP as I just got my results last week showing I have sleep apnea with breathing interruptions happening ~40 times a night – I’ve been suffering for quite a while without realizing it (34, normal weight / height, no prior conditions or other health problems).

But I just found out my appointment tmrw to get a device isn’t covered by insurance and I don’t want to overpay.

Instead I’ll have to come out of pocket around $1k for a “A-PAP autopap fluctuate Dreamstation machine” that has no trial period or return policy.

So what should I do – find this same device online and buy it? I’m not sure about quality / different models / used vs new. And I don’t know anything about A-PAP vs C-PAP nor the various companies and products but if I don’t make a decision today I’ll be in an appointment tomorrow where they’ll be outfitting me for what seems like an overpriced device.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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