Hello r/SleepApnea,

I am pleased to announce SoundSleepClinic.com, where we offer evaluation, prescription, and CPAP equipment to patients who have difficulty seeing their regular and sleep physicians regarding obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) during this difficult time. On the website you can be evaluated by the standard sleep questionnaires and issued a prescription if the answers are suggestive of OSA. The evaluation and prescription are free. With the prescription, you can then purchase a CPAP and related supplies at a very competitive price.

Even though the equipment cost is out-of-pocket, most people with deductibles will save money compared to going through their insurance. This is because in order for insurance to pay for the equipment, you are required to be referred to a sleep physician and undergo an in-lab sleep study or a home sleep test.

If we can help speed up OSA treatment for you, please visit SoundSleepClinic.com. Since we just started, feedback or questions by DM or reply will be appreciated.

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