22M. I just got a CPAP, I have OSA (40 per hour) and CSA (2 per hour) – (65kg, 175cm). It is believed that I have had this for ~10 years.

I don’t have an overbite or anything but I think it has gotten worse because my tonsils have now become very enlarged (3/4 on size indicator) for the past few years. I’ve tried to get the NHS to remove them as I know this is a main cause of it but they said I need to get tonsillitis 6 times in 2 year being prescribed antibiotics on each occasion. I get it alot but never manage to get the 6 times as this is absurdly high.

Instead they gave gave me the CPAP and I’ve been told it gives you lots of energy but I’ve yet to see any difference. I’ve used it for 14 days now and I was wondering when the effects of it will start to come

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